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Pickering Ontario professional kitchen cabinet refinishing and spray painting services
refinish & spray paint kitchen cabinets bathroom vanities custom wall units in Pickering Durham Region
kitchen cabinet refinishing expert painters spray painting in Pickering Ontario

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Spray Painting Services in Pickering, ON

We are experts in refinishing, spray painting and refacing your kitchen cabinets, wooden cupboards, bathroom vanities, built-in closets, TV display cabinets, custom wall units in Pickering and the Durham Region. Trust your local professional painting company to deliver the best rated kitchen cabinet refinishing and repainting quality that we are known for in Pickering, Ontario. We specialize in transforming your Pickering, Ontario kitchen from an outdated wooden kitchen to an exceptionally modern kitchen that is professionally refinished, refaced and spray painted. The process of refinishing your Pickering kitchen cabinets is easy because you will have full access and use to your kitchen during the refinishing and spray painting process. We use environmentally friendly, high quality low VOC paints  that are safe for you and your family. Contact us today for a free one day quote. It's Five Step Easy!

  • STEP 1 - Call us at 647-909 - 3946 or submit the "Get a Quick Quote Today!" webform to request your kitchen cabinet refinishing quote in Pickering, ON

  • STEP 2 - You'll receive a clear, transparent and fair quote in just one day, outlining our professional kitchen cabinet refinishing & spray painting process

  • STEP 3 - We'll pick up the phone to discuss our quote, answer your questions, explain the process and once you're ready, schedule you in!  

  • STEP 4 - Our expert painters will take down and label cabinet doors, drawers and hardware and will begin the in-house painting process

  • STEP 5 - We'll deliver the professionally refinished and spray painted cabinets at the scheduled time so you can enjoy your kitchen​

We are your Trusted Local Experts in Refinishing, Refacing and Spray Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Trust our local professional painting specialists in refinishing your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity and cupboards in Pickering, Ontario. We are the local experts in refinishing, refacing and spray painting your kitchen cabinets with impeccable results. Experience the Emerald Professional Painters advantage for yourself by giving us a call to get your free quote. We'll summarize this advantage below:

  1. Our Commitment to Pickering Homeowners - We commit to provide you with:

    • A simple, easy and hassle-free painting experience

    • Quality kitchen cabinet refinishing services from expert painters

    • Fair, reasonable and standard pricing for refinishing, refacing and spray painting

  2. A Brand at Your Service - Built on years of happy customers, service focused on you, exceeding quality expectations and meeting budgets with reasonable prices.

  3. 100's of Online Reviews & BBB Accreditation - Find us on HomeStars, Houzz, BBB, Facebook, Instagram & Google for local Whitby homeowner reviews.

  4. Professional Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Services - Our expert spray painters will follow a proven cabinet and cupboard refinishing and refacing process

  5. Transparent Pricing - Our integrity and fairness begins with clear,  detailed & transparent estimates. All details are outlined, no surprises, no hidden fees!

  6. Spray Painting Facility - Your kitchen cabinets will be spray painted locally, in our spray painting facility located in Pickering, Ontario

  7. The Highest Quality Paints - Your kitchen cabinets deserve only the best paint. No gimmicks! The only paints we use are either a Sherwin-Williams Emerald urethane based paint or a Benjamin Moore Advance for the best quality finish!

Why Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets in Pickering, ON?

You can dramatically change the style of your kitchen (or bathroom) by refinishing your cabinets, cupboards, or wooden built-ins with Emerald Professional Painters.  Replacing kitchen cabinets is not always a practicable and cost-effective option. The simple truth is that replacing kitchen cabinets is a very expensive process. You'll replace your sturdy, high quality, oak cabinets for an MDF substitute. You'll spend only to settle on material quality (MDF is a lower quality substitute to real wood). This is where kitchen (or, bathroom) cabinet refinishing enters the picture.

Kitchen (or, bathroom) cabinet refinishing is a practical option. It involves cleaning, stripping, sanding down to bare wood and professionally refinishing. You get to keep your high quality wooden kitchen cabinets. However, after our work is done, you'll love your Pickering kitchen. You'll wish you had done this sooner! We'll outline the process before so you can make a more informed decision when you're looking to refinish versus replace. 

Advantages of Refinishing your Kitchen (or, bathroom) Cabinets?

  • Professionally Fine Finish - Professionally fine finish with no brush lines, no runs, no streaks. You'll get a finished product that has a hard, durable factory-like finish that will provide assurance you've made the right decision

  • Quick Turnaround - From start to finish, your newly refinished kitchen cabintes will be ready for you to enjoy within 2 - 3 weeks. Give us a call today to begin the process. We would be pleased to draft you a free quote and to begin 

  • Save Time & Money - The kitchen cabinet refinishing process costs, on average, 15 - 20% of the cost of replacing your Pickering kitchen cabintes. Our team of refinishing experts have developed a professional cabinet refinishing system to ensure a factory-like finish to your existing cabinetry at a fraction of the cost

  • Go Green - Reduce, Reuse, Refinish? That's what we think! Because we are refinishing your existing doors and drawers, you'll save the old cabinetry from filling up our landfills. We also use non-toxic, low VOC paint coatings that can be tinted to the colours of your choice. 

  • Reliable Company You Can Trust - Emerald Professional Painters is a Canadian owned and operated company, proudly servicing Pickering, the Durham Region and the GTA. Our dedicated team of refinishing experts have more than 30 years of experience with thousands of completed projects. We have the systems, knowledge and experience to transform your kitchen!

The Professional Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Process

Trust our local professional painting specialists in refinishing, refacing and spray painting your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, built-in closets, custom wall units, TV display cabinets and more. We provide both on-site and off-site fine finish spray painting services using airless and high volume low pressure (HVLP) sprayer machines. Our professional and best rated spray painting & finishing facility is located in Pickering, Ontario. We've outlined our high quality, trusted and best rated kitchen cabinet refinishing process for your Pickering cabinets.


  1. Our local Pickering, Ontario kitchen cabinet refinishing experts visit at a scheduled  time

  2. Your kitchen cabinet doors, drawers and hardware is detached and labelled and taken to our spray painting facility located in Pickering, Ontario.

  3. The outside facing surfaces of your kitchen are professionally cleaned, prepared, primed and painted on site following the same process as the doors in our spray painting facility

  4. A critical two-step cleaning technique is used to degrease your kitchen cabinets and remove all dust and mildew buildup to ensure a clean surface

  5. Wood filler is applied to fill any cracks in the wood of your Pickering kitchen cabinets

  6. All surfaces of your kitchen cabinets are thoroughly, but lightly sanded to improve primer and paint adherence, but not damage the wooden surfaces

  7. A thorough coating of high quality primer designed for wood (and not walls) is applied

  8. A light sanding will occur after the application of the wood primer to ensure the most durable paint adherence will enhancing the fine finish after refinishing and spray painting

  9. Professionally spray paint your Pickering, ON kitchen (or, bathroom) cabinets with two coats of paint to all outside facing surfaces, doors and drawers for a factory-like finish.

  10. To ensure the highest quality finish, we will lightly sand between the application of each coat of paint on your wooden kitchen cabinets, doors and drawers

  11. We will clean your and reinstall your cabinetry and hardware for you to enjoy

Pickering, Ontario Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing and Spray Painting Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Are you interested in professionally refinishing your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, cupboards, custom wall unit or TV display cabinet in Pickering, Ontario? We're here to help. Here's a list of frequently asked questions by our Kitchen Cabinet refinishing customers in Pickering, Ontario. Call us to discuss a quote! 

Question: How much does it cost to refinish or professionally spray paint kitchen cabinets in Pickering, Ontario?

Answer: The cost to professionally refinish or spray paint your kitchen cabinets depends on many different factors. Give us a call to discuss an accurate quote. Generally a small kitchen (less than 30 cabinet doors) costs between $2,500 and $3,300 and a medium kitchen (30 - 40 cabinet doors) costs up to $4,200 with a large kitchen (more than 40 cabinet doors) starting at $4,300.

Question: What type of kitchen cabinets can be refinished in Pickering, Ontario?

Answer: Our high quality kitchen cabinet paint is formulated for wooden kitchen cabinets, along with melamine, thermafoil, plastic and laminate.

Question: What type of kitchen cabinet paint is used to refinish my kitchen cabinets?

Answer: To provide the best-in- class durability and an impeccable finish, our paint is a polyurethane based paint that combines the adhesion of a soft alyd, the flexibility of a urethane with the sturdiness and durability of a polyurethane. Our paints are eco-friendly with water-based formulation and low toxicity.

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