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Local Pickering Commercial Painting Company Best Rated Office, Retail & Business Painters

Trust our local commercial painting company in Pickering to offer the best rated professional commercial painting services provided by our in-house professional painting crews designated for commercial painting services in Pickering. More than ever before, business owners and commercial project managers are looking for professional commercial painting companies with commercial painting services that can excel in exceeding the specific challenges brought forth by commercial painting projects in Pickering. We are here to help add value to your business with high quality professional commercial painting services while minimizing operational disruption. Our professional commercial painting crews in Pickering have the capacity to take on the largest commercial painting projects with a proven quality painting process that considers each businesses unique operations so you can continue supporting your clients while we help rejuvenate your space.


Our Interior & Exterior Commercial Painting Service in Pickering

  • Office: Business headquarters and offices, medical offices, dental clinics, physiotherapy clinics, government offices and showrooms

  • Retail Stores: Shopping centres, outlets, malls, restaurants, fast food stores, gyms, dance studios and all other types of retail stores

  • Buildings: Hospitals, schools, government, medical care clinics

  • Rental Properties: Property management, monthly turnover repaints

  • Parking Lots: Line marking services, traffic lines, factories and warehouses

  • Other Commercial: Contractor renovations, graffiti removal, epoxy & floors

The Emerald Advantage For Your Next Commercial Painting Project

  1. Workmanship Guarantee on All Commercial Painting Projects: Quality is at the forefront of every interior or exterior commercial painting project in Pickering. Our commercial painting projects in Pickering are professionally painted with a proven interior and exterior commercial painting process, which allows us to firmly & proudly stand behind our workmanship. We guarantee our workmanship and we'll be there to address any concerns.

  2. Commercial Painting Project Timing On Your Terms: Timing options for your next commercial painting project in Pickering include after hours (evenings), weekends and even overnight commercial painting services. During the on-site visit required to draft a proposal for your project, we'll discuss timing. Your commercial painting project in Pickering will be painted on your timing. Just let us know & we'll make it happen. 

  3. Professional Commercial Painters (No Subcontractors!): When requesting a proposal for interior or exterior commercial painting services in Pickering, inquire about whether the commercial painting company will staff the commercial painting project with its own employees or using third party subcontractors. We never subcontract our work! Every painter supplying interior or exterior commercial painting services in Pickering is an employee of our commercial painting company.

  4. We Plan The Logistics Of Your Next Commercial Painting Project To Minimize Operational Disruption: We have systems designed to minimize the operational disruption of the commercial painting project for your Pickering business. Let's face it, business owners and managers in Pickering are aware of the inconvenience placed on their business when undertaking any painting project. Our local Pickering commercial painters with years of professional painting experience with commercial painting projects understand you. Our Pickering based commercial painting company makes it a priority to take all the necessary steps to mitigate against operational challenges and minimize operational disruption for all clients undergoing a commercial painting project. This is why we create a unique logistics plan for each Pickering commercial painting project we undertake. Whether the interior or exterior of the Pickering commercial painting project requires additional signage, completion in phases or working overnight or in weekends. We're here to make it easy on you!

  5. Proof of WSIB, Liability Insurance & Safety Certifications: The peace of mind that comes with knowing the commercial painting company you have contracted for your Pickering commercial painting services has you covered. Upon request, we will provide proof of WSIB, liability insurance and safety certifications required for the challenges of your commercial painting project.

Why Emerald Professional Painters For Your Next Interior or Exterior Commercial Painting Project?

Whether you are a business owner or building manager, you know painting is not a project you have budget for every year. Here are the factors that position our commercial painting company to provide top rated painting services to our commercial clients in Pickering.

  • Professional Commercial Painting Service: Making sure your commercial painting project is completed right the first time with quality in mind from start to finish. You'll get this feeling from the initial contact to the final inspection of your office, retail or industrial space or commercial building.

  • On Time: Your time is valuable and very important to us. We work hard to meet all time-specific promises and communicate our progress every step of the way. Our goal is to minimize delays so your business continues to operate with minimal operation disruption and a renewed business space.

  • Respect and Integrity at the Forefront: Just a group of friendly, respectful commercial painters who are easy to work and communicate with. Our commercial painting services are well positioned to provide top rated quality services to our commercial clients in Pickering.

  • 2 Year Workmanship Guarantee Option: Opt-in for a complete  worry-free experience that gives you peace of mind.

  • Top Quality Paints: We only use top quality commercial paints provided by Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams or Dulux that add value to your commercial painting project. Full transparency on paint options. We include cost-effective premium paints with every commercial painting project with an option to upgrade to commercial grade paints such as Benjamin Moore Scuff X and Sherwin-Williams Scuff Tuff for top rated quality paint scuff resistance

  • A Trusted Brand at Your Service: Built on years of client-focused service, exceeding expectations on quality while providing a reasonable price. We have the processes in place to account for your business operations and make a plan to minimize your operational disruption so we can rejuvenate your space. 

  • On Budget: We strive to provide you with a fair and reasonable price that meets your budget by keeping costs low through efficient and effective painting processes. You work hard for your money! We won't make you spend it all on commercial or industrial painting services.

  • Environmentally Friendly: We are proudly GREEN by using Low V.O.C or Zero V.O.C paints for all painting projects. Protecting the environment, your health, your employees and customers health and the health of our painters!


  • Business Offices

  • Medical Offices

  • Clinics (dental, physio)

  • Showrooms

  • Business Headquarters


  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Government Buildings

  • Medical Care Clinics


  • Shopping Centres, Outlets and Malls

  • Restaurants

  • Fast Food

  • Gyms & Studios


  • Property Management

  • Rental Property Monthly Turnover Repaints


  • Line Marking

  • Traffic Lines

  • Factories

  • Warehouses


  • Contractor Renovations

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Epoxy & Concrete Floor Painting

Professional Commercial Painting Contractors in Pickering Servicing the Interior & Exterior of Offices, Retail Stores, Warehouses, Rental Properties, Restaurants and Gyms

Emerald Professional Painters offers professional commercial painting services to local clients located in and near Pickering. We specialize in painting the interior and exterior of your commercial properties We are Pickering's painting contractors because of the exceptional commercial painting services we provide to Pickering business owners like you! With local professional painters that have a passion for providing high quality and top rated professional painting services to commercial businesses, we have a work crew near you to complete your commercial interior and exterior painting project. Call us for a free quote, bid or tender on your next commercial painting project in Pickering, Ontario. Our local professional commercial painting contractors have experience painting the types of commercial spaces and properties listed below.

  • Small Business Offices: Showrooms, headquarter offices, dance studios, gyms, 

  • Medical Clinics and Offices: Dental clinics, physiotherapy clinics, medical offices, hospitals, family care clinics, walk-in-clinics, blood test clinics

  • Retail Stores: Shopping outlets, retail stores in shopping malls or centres, fast food stores, restaurants, 

  • Industrial Spaces: Factories, warehouses, parking lots (line painting, line marking, graffiti removal)

  • Rental Properties: Property manager projects, graffiti removal, epoxy and concrete floor painting, contractor renovations, monthly turnover rental repaints

Painting the interior and exterior of your Pickeringy commercial property requires much more than applying a fresh coat of paint on your walls. Professional commercial painting services can renew and freshen up your commercial space in Pickering such as your retail store, rental property, business office, medical/dental clinic or your industrial space. Where the painting services are professionally completed by top rated Pickering local painters, you'll get a guarantee the workmanship is completed up to standard. We provide our workmanship guarantee based on the professional preparation standards associated with our commercial painting services. Preparation is the most important part in your Pickering interior or exterior commercial painting projects. We ensure your showroom, office, dance studio, gym, dental clinic, physiotherapy clinic, medical office, retail store, industrial space or rental property is prepared properly for a quality painting finish. Preparation is the difference between an amateur and a professional painter. In the preparation stage of your commercial painting project, all holes and cracks are professionally filled and sanded. Walls are checked for smoothness and for peeling paint. All imperfections are sanded, plastered and sanded again to ensure walls and ceilings are prepared with quality in mind. Primer is applied on all patched and repaired areas. We systematically plan the process to ensure that everything that needs to be done prior to painting is fully complete as once you start painting, it is too late for preparation on your commercial painting project! Our local commercial painting services in Pickering ensure preparation to the highest professional standard. Also, we consider any other requests our Pickering clients may have and fulfill those requests in this stage. The interior or exterior of your business space deserves only the best preparation and painting from the best rated commercial painting contractors in Pickering.

We are Pickering's local professional business, warehouse, retail store, rental property, commercial and industrial painting company and we make sure we perfectly prepare every wall in your Pickering commercial, industrial, rental property, retail store, warehouse and business before we even start thinking about painting it. That is why we are interior and exterior professional commercial painting contractors in Pickering. At Emerald Professional Painters, we have a professional painting process that guarantees your commercial painting project will be done with quality. We have an optional two year limited warranty to back it up. With hundreds of online reviews, you can't go wrong. Get a commercial painting quote for us to paint your rental property, retail store, warehouse, industrial or commercial space in Pickering and we will make sure it is done right the first time. As we like to say at Emerald Professional Painters, give us a call to end your search for a painter. Forever.

Local Commercial Painting Company in Pickering Provides Professional Painting Services for Large Projects Such as Hospitals, Schools, Parking Lots, Hotels and Government Buildings

Our commercial painting contractors and best rated expert quality painters work hard to paint every commercial painting project as a professional painting contractor should. We paint your warehouse, office space, retail store, rental property or any other business premise like it should be painted! Emerald Professional Painters has a professional systematic process which guides our local professional painters to the successful completion of every commercial painting project we start. Because of our proven processes and exceptional painting contractors, we have the capacity to complete large commercial painting projects in Pickering. We are a commercial painting company providing professional commercial painting services for large projects such as Hospitals, Schools, Parking Lots, Hotels and even Government Buildings. 

We create a professional painting plan tailored to the unique needs and challenges posed by every commercial painting client that connects with us for professional commercial painting services in Pickering. This plan accounts for each businesses operations and creates a staggered logistical action plan to ensure the disruption of the business operations of our commercial painting services client are minimized. We try our best to revamp your commercial space while minimizing disruptions to you and your business. This allows us to add value in large scale commercial painting projects such as the professional painting of schools and hotels. We have designated commercial painting teams for government buildings and hospitals. Our staggered action plan provides value when line marking parking lots and with graffiti removal in public spaces. Emerald Professional Painters will always ensure our commercial painting process is followed with every wall and room of every warehouse, store facility, office space, retail store, commercial painting project before we mark it down as complete. For typical painting contractors, the job ends right after space is painted. However, for Emerald Professional Painters, it doesn't simply end upon completion of your commercial painting project. Our thorough commercial painting services inspection stage is key in delivery high quality and best rated commercial painting services. After the commercial painting of your Pickering retail store, office space, warehouse or commercial property, our inspection crew visits the project. This generally entails shining light on all the painted walls and corners to ensure coverage is exceptional. Also, all corners are checked to ensure that brush-edging was completed sharply and that the walls are perfectly smooth. Green painters tape where standards aren't met. The Pickering crew leader goes over the contract with our Pickering commercial painting client to ensure our commercial painting objectives are met. At this point, the clean-up portion of the process occurs. The large scale commercial painting project concludes with the removal of debris and the returning of equipment and furniture to its original location. Our commercial painting services ensure large scale commercial spaces in Whitby such as Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Government Buildings and Parking Lots are completed professionally.

All of our painters in Pickering that paint Pickering commercial painting projects are professional high quality painters. They have been in the business for many years and they are painting experts. All of our painters go through extensive training in painting, preparation and customer service before even entering a customer's house. We are committed to helping out college and university students as a student painter in the summer. Student painters complete the minor portions of the job and are overseen by a crew leader throughout the process. Our professional painters are all continually trained in painting and customer service. We don't treat our painters as "workers" but as team members. Every individual that wears an Emerald Professional Painters uniform are compensated well and work in a team that treats each other with respect. By being respectful and courteous to our painters, we can guarantee that our painting teams will be courteous, respectful, and knowledgeable to our customers

Request A Free Quote or Estimate From Local Top Rated Pickering Commercial Painters! Send Bid or Tender Documents For Your Next Commercial Painting Project (Retail Store, Offices, Medical Facility, Schools, Hotels)

Are you looking for a local top-rated Pickering commercial painting company near you with clean, friendly & professional painters? Emerald Professional Painters at your service! We are your interior and exterior professional commercial painters with the experience of completing thousands of commercial painting projects for businesses in or near Pickering under our belt! We've successfully painted offices, retail stores, warehouses, commercial properties. You name it! We would be pleased to meet you and provide you with a competitive and reasonable rate for your commercial painting project.


We are reliable, honest, and professional commercial painting contractors who operate with integrity and a genuine care for your commercial space and business. We paint the walls, trim, ceiling, doors, and install wallpaper for your retail store, commercial building, office space, warehouses and industrial properties. We provide exceptional painting services for rooms, trim, walls and ceilings of your business painted by local professional painters in Pickering that specialize in commercial space painting. Our professional painting service is always combined with a reasonable and fair price! But, don't take our word for it. Check out our reviews or invite us to issue a quote or bid on your next commercial painting project. We are your local professional, commercial, retail store, rental property and office painting company in Pickering. We invite you to compare our offering to other painting companies in Pickering because we are confident what we offer cannot be matched by any other commercial painting contractor! Emerald Professional Painters has built a brand as the local Pickering interior and exterior commercial, office space, retail store, and warehouse painters in Pickering!

Best Rated Quality Commercial, Office, Retail Stores, Rental Properties and Commercial Business in Pickering

  1. Commercial Painting Services That Give You Peace Of Mind - a commercial painting services brand you can trust with a history of taking care of client commercial properties during the project and being there the day after our commercial painting services are completed to answer any questions and resolve any concerns! 

    • Everyone has heard a story of commercial painting contractors lacking accountability for their work. We make a plan to account for your business operations and processes so we can minimize your operational disruption and focus on revamping your place of business so you can serve your clients better.

    • What if something goes wrong? This is the question that everyone doesn't want to ask themselves because it is always easier if it doesn't go wrong. With a professional commercial painting company you can trust, You know our commercial painting services will be there to make things right. 

    • Your commercial property is your business' most valuable material possession. Hire friendly local commercial painters you can trust for the safety of your employees and customers and to enhance your business' brand. Hire your commercial, professional, office space, retail store, rental property painting contractors for your next project! 

  2. Reasonable & Competitive Quotes On Your Next Commercial Painting Project- we offer discounts and coupons to help make it a little easier to hire a professional!​

    • Your local commercial painters in Pickering quote and bid on hours and material expenses. Our proposals are based on how long your commercial painting project takes.

    • Get a quote from Pickering's local commercial and industrial painters and find out for yourself!  Our competitors cannot compete with our prices.

  3. Quality Best Rated Commercial Painting Services From A Trusted Commercial Painting Company - every painting project is completed with quality from start to finish.​

    • You get the highest quality and most process oriented painting services tailored to meet your business' unique needs. The best part of it? We are always here for you. Before, during, or after your commercial painting project - We're just a phone call away with exceptional client service

    • Every commercial painting project is approached with our best effort in being fair, easy and professional. That's not just our slogan.

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