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Professional Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services in Whitby 

Flatten Textured Stucco & Stipple in Your Home & Condo

Are you looking for a quote for professional popcorn ceiling removal services for your home or condo in Whitby? We're here to help. We remove popcorn ceilings from hundreds of Whitby houses or condominium units each year to modernize Whitby homes with professionally flat ceilings. Call us at 647-909-3946 or complete the form above (Name, Phone #, Email) to Request a Free Quote! Our in-house uniformed and trained drywall repair professionals are experts at removing popcorn ceiling, skim coat application, sanding plaster finely and priming ceilings so they are ready for a finish coat. Do you have textured stucco, stipple, popcorn or plaster ceilings? We're here to help with all of your drywall repair or popcorn ceiling removal needs.


  1. Our Commitment to Whitby Homeowners: We commit to provide you with

    • A simple, easy and hassle-free popcorn ceiling removal experience​

    • Quality popcorn ceiling removal services from expert drywall repair professionals

    • Fair, reasonable and standard pricing (we stand behind our prices & we price match!)

  2. A Professional Popcorn Ceiling Removal Company At Your Service: Built on years of happy customers in Whitby, who are pleased with our quality popcorn ceiling removal services

  3. 100's of Online Reviews & BBB Accreditation: Find reviews from homeowners on their positive experience with our local Whitby popcorn ceiling removal services on HomeStars, Houzz, BBB, Facebook, Instagram & Google. 5 Stars.10/10. Best of HomeStars, year over year!

  4. Licensed & Insured: Compliant with WSIB and all government regulations, plus third party liability insurance so you can hire popcorn ceiling removal contractors worry-free.

  5. All Flattened Ceilings are Primed and Painted: After removing your popcorn ceilings and professionally flattening ceilings in your Whitby home or Condo, we don't leave the job half way. No need to look for other contractors to finish the job. Our professional painters will prime and paint your ceilings with the highest quality ceiling paints in an ultra-flat sheen for the best look!

  6. No Subcontractors: We do not contract popcorn ceiling removal work away to third party subcontractors. All popcorn ceiling removal and ceiling flattening services are completed in-house by our trained, professional, uniformed, friendly drywall repair professionals. 

Why Remove Textured Popcorn to Flatten Whitby Ceilings

Removing textured ceilings to have the flat ceilings you've dreamt of in your Whitby home or condominium unit may appear to be a difficult transition. We're here to make it easier for you. An easy professional popcorn ceiling removal process entails dustless sanding and a popcorn ceiling removal workmanship guarantee by a local popcorn ceiling removal company in Whitby. The benefits of flattening ceilings inside your Whitby home or condo are listed below. 

  • Updated Appearance and Improved Lighting With Flattened Ceilings

    • Flattened ceilings improve natural lighting of your home (especially when combined with updated lighting fixtures and potlight installation services).

    • Ceilings appear to be higher due to the removed texture taking up space. Rooms and living areas in your Whitby home & condo look larger and less cramped.

    • Textured ceilings (popcorn, stipple, stucco, acoustic, plaster) look outdated and unappealing. Textured ceilings can be inconsistent and repairs are visible eyesores.

  • Improve Health & Cleanliness Inside Your Whitby Home & Condo

    • It is easier to keep ceilings and your home & condo clean with professionally flat ceilings.​

    • Textured ceilings such as popcorn, stucco or plastered ceilings attract dust, which spreads easily throughout your Whitby condominium unit or home. 

    • Textured ceilings are impossible to clean as they disintegrate and cause more dust. On the other hand, professionally flattened ceilings after popcorn is removed are easy to clean. 

  • Modernize Your Whitby Home & Condo and Increase its Resale Value

    • Transform your Whitby Home & Condo with a more modern look provided by professionally flattened ceilings as compared to the outdated look of textured popcorn or stucco ceilings.​

    • Flattened ceilings open up the space and opportunities (such as potlights, painting ceilings) to modernize your Whitby home or condo instantly

  • Professional Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services and Dustless Sanding in Whitby, ON

    • Our professional popcorn ceiling removal services make it easy to decide on flat ceilings​

    • Our industry leading dustless sanding equipment make the process cleaner and easier

    • Our Expert drywall repair professionals follow a professional process to cover all floors, move all furniture, cover all furniture so your life is made easier throughout the process.

  • Fair Competitive Pricing from a Local Popcorn Ceiling Removal Company in Whitby

    • We proudly and firmly stand behind our professional work and our fair competitive prices​

    • We have a price match program where quotes by local competitors may be price matched

The Professional Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Drywall Repair & Ceiling Flattening Process For Your Whitby Home & Condo

Flattening your home and condo ceilings in Whitby by removing popcorn ceilings and other textured ceilings such as stipple, stucco, acoustic and plastered ceilings can get messy and create a lot of dust without the appropriate equipment and professional popcorn ceiling removal process. Our best rated quality popcorn ceiling removal services have made Emerald Professional Painters the go to popcorn ceiling removal company in Toronto. Here's our look into our Professional Toronto Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process.

  1.  Step 1 | Call or Text Us At 647-909-3946 or Fill Out Our Web Form to Request Your Free Quote

    • We can schedule you in for a free quote via an on-site estimate or a virtual quote. Whichever option makes your life easier, we're all for it. We will try our best to respond to your quote request or schedule in an on-site estimate with our Whitby popcorn ceiling estimator within 24 hours.​

  2. Step 2 | Receive a Detailed Written Popcorn Ceiling Removal Quote & Schedule Your Project

    • Transparency is the key principal in our operations as a popcorn ceiling removal company in Whitby. This is why we have detailed written estimates for every single project. Your quote will list out our professional popcorn ceiling removal process, the materials, primers and paints we will use.

    • Once you're ready to proceed, we can schedule your Whitby popcorn ceiling removal project in.

  3. Step 3 | Protecting Your Space By Moving Furniture, Covering Floors and Other Surfaces

    • On the day your Whitby Popcorn Ceiling Removal project is scheduled to start, we will arrive on time, ready to professionally flatten your ceilings. Our team leader will discuss specific details of your popcorn ceiling removal project while the crew will set up our tools and equipment​.

    • We will protect your Whitby home or condo by moving all furniture to the centre of your living/dining area, stairways, hallways or bedrooms. After furniture is moved, the floor will be completely covered along with furniture and other surfaces that may be affected. To minimize dust travel, we can cover up entry ways to areas not being flattened with plastic. We try our best to take care of your space!

  4. Step 4 | Popcorn Ceiling Removal and Dustless Sanding for Your Whitby Home

    • We will use the industry leading dustless sanding machine to remove the existing stucco, stipple, plaster, acoustic or popcorn ceilings. Where popcorn ceilings are sealed with an oil-based sealant, we will scrape off edges and minimize the show of texture before the next step​

  5. Step 5 | Skim Coat Application To Professionally Flatten Your Whitby Ceilings

    • All ceilings will receive a minimum of 2 skim coats throughout the entire surface of your home or condo in Whitby to professionally flatten ceilings. Additionally, we will apply refining skim coats to professionally flatten imperfections. Our workmanship is guaranteed. We stand by our work 100%. ​

  6. Step 6 | Prime, Paint and Cleanup of your Whitby Home or Condo Flat Ceilings

    • All of our ceilings are completed 100% by our professional drywall repair experts. This includes applying primer to seal in the flattened ceilings and professionally painting ceilings with an ultra flat finish designed to make your home dazzle. ​

    • Once priming and painting is complete, we clean up all areas, remove project debris and move furniture and belongings back to their original locations

Whitby Home Flat Ceiling Refinishing & Drywall Repair

We offer professional popcorn ceiling removal services by our local Whitby based popcorn ceiling removal company in various regions throughout Whitby. You can receive a free in house estimate to flatten your ceilings and remove the stipple, stucco, plaster or popcorn texture that outdates your Whitby home or condo by calling us and requesting your free quote today! We have the dustless sanding machines and expert drywall repair professionals that can finely sand ceilings to professionally flatten your existing popcorn ceilings. We follow the same professional popcorn ceiling removal process outlined above for every local Whitby home and condo we offer ceiling flattening services. Here's a closer look at our service area.

  • Whitby, Brock St, Annes Street, Burns Street, Garden Street, Hopkins Street, Thickson Roadd, Garrard Road, Kendalwood Road, Thornton Road, Anderson Street, Cochrane Street, McQuay Blvd, Lakeridge Road, Williamsburg, Whitby Shores, Brooklin, Ashburn Road, Carnwith Drive, Taunton Road, Rossland Road, Dundas Street

We Price Match Popcorn Ceiling Removal and Skim Coat Application Services in Whitby Offered By Paint4You, Patch N' Repair, Ceiling Specialists, Smooth Ceilings, Patch Dudes, Ceiling Champions

Emerald is one of the best rated professional popcorn ceiling removal companies in Whitby. We've accomplished this by being dedicated to delivering quality and best rated ceiling flattening services. We remove all types of textured ceilings for Whitby home and condo owners. This includes stucco, popcorn, stipple, acoustic and plastered ceilings. We have a professional high quality process oriented approach to completing our work and we never subcontract work to third parties. With our professional approach to popcorn ceiling removal, we stand behind our work & price.

Our Prices for Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services are Fair, Reasonable and Competitive. We stand behind our work and our prices. Did you receive another quote for similar services? Ask about our Price Match Program.

We are comfortable matching pricing you received form branded popcorn ceiling removal companies in Whitby such as Paint4You, Patch N' Repair, Ceiling Specialists, Smooth Ceilings, Patch Dudes and Ceiling Champions. Call Emerald for a free quote and let us know if you received other quotes, we will try our best to provide the most competitive price possible for the highest quality professional popcorn ceiling removal services in Whitby. 

Best Rated Residential Whitby House & Condo Popcorn Ceiling Removal Company Reviews on HomeStars, Houzz, BBB & Trusted Pros

We are a trusted local popcorn ceiling removal company specializing in ceiling flattening services for the interior of your Whitby home or condominium unit. We are the go to contractors for removing all types of textured ceilings. Whether your home or condo contains popcorn, stucco, stipple or plastered ceilings, we have the expertise and tools to professionally flatten your ceilings. We provide free quotes for all residential popcorn ceiling removal projects in Whitby and our quotes include a detailed outline of the process we follow to guarantee our workmanship. We will ensure your ceilings are professionally flat to modernize your home and we stand behind our work. Our crews complete residential popcorn ceiling removal projects for home and condo owners in Whitby. We are a trusted and reliable local popcorn ceiling removal company with hundreds of online reviews posted by happy Whitby clients. 

  1. HomeStars - "The ceilings in my house look great, and I will be recommending Andy to freinds and family for popcorn ceiling removal services." - James from Whitby

  2. Google - "Emerald was so professional and made me happy with their attention to detail & respect for my belongings while flattening textured ceilings throughout my home" - Wendy from Whitby

  3. Better Business Bureau (BBB) - "I was comfortable hiring Emerald because they were BBB accredited and they surpassed my expectations on my popcorn ceiling removal project." - Toska from Whitby

  4. Houzz - "I hired them to professionally flatten ceilings throughout my condo and I was very pleased with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Emerald!" - Adriana from Whitby

  5. Yelp - "Terrific and responsive service! They completed a massive project for me by flattening ceilings throughout my house. This includes four bedrooms, all hallways, stairway, living room, dining room, family room and all closets. I am thrilled with the outcome." - Thomas from Whitby

  6. Facebook - "Rated Five Stars because they provided impeccable quality and exemplary service during my ceiling flattening project. Textured ceilings are flat. Thank you Emerald!" - Jennifer from Whitby

  7. TrustedPros - "The Emerald crew was awesome. All drywall repair professionals were efficient and detail oriented and the final result is dazzling flat ceilings." - Sarah from Whitby


Why are we rated the best local popcorn ceiling removal company in Whitby, Ontario? Because we remove your popcorn ceilings and finish your flat ceilings right the first time! Our professionals are clean, uniformed, friendly and experts at what they do. We always check for imperfections and apply refining skim coats to plaster evenly throughout ceiling surfaces for your Whitby home or condo. 


FAQs | Whitby Home & Condo Popcorn Ceiling Removal Clients

Q: How Much Does it Cost to Remove Stucco Ceilings in my Whitby Home?
A: We generally charge between $5 to $9 per square foot for popcorn ceiling removal in Whitby. However, there are factors that can increase or decrease these typical rates. Factors such as ceiling height, sealed vs. latex ceilings, thickness of stucco, amount of furniture, types of floors and level of preparation affect rates. We recommend scheduling a free, no-obligation in-house estimate with a popcorn ceiling removal estimator to get an accurate cost.

Q: Will My Whitby House Get Affected With Dust and Debris From the Ceiling Flattening Project?

A: We try our best to prepare the space to minimize mess and ensure debris or dust does not get on your furniture and belongings. We cover all floors, furniture and belongings before your project begins.

Q: Does Your Popcorn Ceiling Removal Service Come With Any Warranty or Guarantee?

A: Our work comes with a workmanship guarantee. If you have workmanship related concerns, we will be there to address your questions and concerns every single time.

Q: How Soon Can You Complete my Whitby Popcorn Ceiling Removal Project?

A: This is everyone's favourite question because they can't wait to professionally flatten their ceilings. Timelines depend on availability and other bookings. Generally, they can range from 1 week to 4 weeks. 

Q: How Long Does it Take to Remove my Textured Stucco Ceilings and Flatten them?

A: For spaces between 250 and 500 square feet, popcorn ceiling flattening generally takes 2 days. This timeline generally depends on the size of the project. A 1,500 square foot home can take up to 5 days whereas a 3,000 square foot Whitby home can take up to 2 weeks to professionally flatten ceilings. In these instances we can complete the project in phases.

Local professional popcorn ceiling removal company for Whitby home and condo

Step 1

Request Your Popcorn Ceiling Removal Quote or Call/Text Us at 647-909-3946.

Professional Popcorn Ceiling Removal Service

Trust Our Friendly & Uniformed Drywall Repair Professionals

100's of 5 Star Online Reviews HomeStars, Houzz & BBB!

Read online reviews written by Popcorn Ceiling Removal Clients

Step 2

Review your Ceiling Flattening Quote. Any Questions? W'ere here to help!

100% Homeowner Satisfaction

We are happy when you are happy with your flat ceilings

We Do NOT Subcontract!

We complete our work in-house by our trained, friendly, trusted & uniformed drywall repair experts!

Step 3

Sit back & enjoy while we professionally flatten your textured ceilings!

Workmanship Guarantee

We guarantee our popcorn ceiling removal services and fix any concerns, 100%!

Payment Flexibility and Financing Plans Available

We offer no interest payment plans on ceiling flattening services

flat ceilings by removing stucco, stipple and popcorn texture in Whitby
Popcorn ceiling removal services by professional local company you can trust in Whitby
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Flat Ceilings for Your Whitby Home or Condo by removing texture
Dustless sanding Whitby Emerald professional popcorn ceiling removal company
Skim coat application and drywall repair services for Whitby home and condo ceiling flat
Local Whitby Popcorn ceiling removal specialists get a quote on flat ceilings
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