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Current Promotions on Residential Painting Services

Are you looking to paint the interior or exterior of your house or condo? We're here to help! At Emerald Professional Painters, we strive to provide fair and transparent pricing on every project we quote. To make the cost of professional painting services more manageable for our residential customers, we are offering four different promotions. Each promotion has a different validity period with unique eligibility criteria. Does your interior or exterior residential painting project meet the eligibility criteria of the applicable promotion? Here's how you can take advantage of the applicable promotion on your next painting project!

Promotions and Validity Periods

  • SPRING PROMO - Valid during the months of March to May

  • SUMMER PROMO - Valid during the months of June to September

  • FALL PROMO - Valid during the months of October to November

  • WINTER PROMO - Valid during the months of December to February

The detailed written quote you receive from Emerald Professional Painters (the dollar value of the relevant promotion must be applied on this quote) must be accepted during the validity period to take advantage of the applicable promotion. To accept a quote, a deposit must be paid!

How Do You Receive The Promotional Discount?

STEP 1  - Find out which of the four promotions is valid on the day you are requesting a quote

STEP 2  - Click on the name of the promotion below to review the eligibility criteria

STEP 3 - Submit the webform (at the top of the page) to request a quote

STEP 4 - Where you meet the criteria, the promotional discount will be automatically applied on your detailed written quote. Where it is not, let us know and we'll apply it!

professional painting company promotions discount rates on residential local painter services

VALIDITY PERIOD - All residential painting quotes issued during the months of December, January and February

PROJECT TYPES - All interior residential painting projects, exterior residential painting projects, popcorn ceiling removal projects and kitchen cabinet refinishing projects

PROJECT VALUE - The project value is the dollar value listed for one line item on a written quote provided to you by Emerald Professional Painters. Where other criteria are met, this promotion applies where your quote is greater than $2,500.

PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT - The promotional discount is calculated as a percentage of the project value. The promotional discount percentages are tiered (see ranges below) based on the project value. The initial tier for an applicable promotional discount begins at $2,500. The promotional discount is capped at a project value of $7,500. As such, for a project value of greater than $7,500, the promotional discount is calculated on $7,500 and not on the actual project value.

Tier 1 (5% off): $2,500 - $3,500 | (EX: Project Value of $3,500, $3,500 x 0.05 = $175 Off!)

Tier 2 (10% off): $3,501 - $5,000 | (EX: Project Value of $5,000, 175 + (($5,000 - 3,501) x 0.10) = $325 Off!)

Tier 3 (15% off): $5,001 - $7,500 | (EX: Project Value of $10,000, $325 + (($7,500 - $5,001) x 0.15) = $700 Off!)

GST/HST -  GST/HST is calculated as 13% of your cost, after your promotional discount is applied. 

ONLY ONE DISCOUNT - Your promotional discount cannot be combined with any other discount. Only one discount is valid. As such, where a different discount has been applied (e.g., a combined discount), the discount that provides the greater cost savings to you will be applied. 

PRICE MATCH PROGRAM - The promotional discount does not apply where a quote has been price matched.

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